While the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers the cost of most of your medical needs, not all services are covered. Services not covered by OHIP are called “uninsured services” and common examples include forms and doctor’s notes. You can pay for each individual service when you use it and for some physicians you can pay for uninsured services with the all-inclusive Annual Fee. This approach follows the guidelines of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Please remember that the quality of care you receive does not depend on which form of payment you choose. We will continue to waive or reduce fees for patients who are unable to pay so you can always let us know if this is the case.

Please see below for a list of the most common non-OHIP insured services. Please speak to your provider for additional information. Receipts will be given for insurance and tax purposes. 

Service Cost
Illness and Return to Work Notes $25
Referrals for massage/physio/chiro/orthotics $30
School/camp/employment/daycare/volunteer medical forms  $30
Prescription renewals by fax (when appropriate and only at the request of the patient or their pharmacy)* $15 per request
Ministry of Transportation Driver’s Medical Form $150
Travel Cancellation Forms $50-$75 depending on length
Letters on behalf of patients $35-$200 depending on time and work involved
APS (Attending Physician Statement) $150
Medical supplies, dressings, etc $25
Lost Prescriptions, Notes, Referrals $20
Uninsured Vaccine Administration $25
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment of Benign Skin Lesions & Warts not covered by OHIP  $50
TB Test & Reading $40 per test, TB form only $20
Medical Record Transfer Fee $50+
Third Party Physical Exam $150
Photocopying/Printing $1.00 per page
Fitness Club Forms $42
Private Insurance Forms $30-$500 depending on time and work involved
OCF-3 Disability Certificate $160
Commercial weight loss program $30
Employment Insurance/ Maternity Certificate $30
Pre-employment certificate of fitness $42
Jury duty letter $30
Certificate of medical status $30
Revenue Canada Disability Form $83
Disability tax credit form $85
Children’s Aid Society Application for prospective foster parents $50
Replacement of Immunization Certificate $35
Forms required for Volunteer Work $30
Travel Advice – not provided by our office, please see receptionists for list of Travel Clinics  

*Prescription renewals require your doctor to reassess your medical condition. If you do not want a visit (in person or virtual), your doctor will still review your file to ensure it’s safe and appropriate. The charge includes this service.

Uninsured Services NOT covered by the Annual Fee (if your doctor has this option available):

Available as per the standard guidelines set by the Ontario Medical Association-OMA.

Missed Appointment $50
Missed Annual Physical Exam $100
Insurance/Disability Forms OMA Rate
Legal Reports OMA Rate

Annual Fee Programs (if your doctor has this option available they will advise you):

Individual $125
Couple $180
Family * $210

*Including children under 21 and residing at the same address.